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logo designLogo Design

Custom Logo Design, Logotype

A Logo is the company’s graphic symbol, a ‘device’ which captures and conveys the essence of the company, its values and its vitality. The Logo can be and usually is used on all Marketing & Communications vehicles a company employs, such as brochures, website, stationery, emails, etc.

A Logo can be purely graphic, purely symbolic or any combination of those qualities. It may be a single graphic device; a more complex device, with several elements; a graphic device combined with words; or words alone. When words alone are used as a Logo — for example, the company name — and displayed in a specific type font, look or style, the Logo is called a ‘Logotype’. Regardless of which type of Logo device a company may use, the Logo can stand alone; can work in conjunction with the company name; can work in conjunction with a slogan; or the Logo can work in conjunction with the company name and also a slogan. Determining the best approach for any particular situation, company or set of elements can depend on many factors and considerations.

As minor as the decision may seem, making the right choice can have profound, positive impact on the company’s immediate and long-term marketing and success. Making the wrong choice can have an equally profound, immediate and long-term, negative impact on the company’s marketing & success. And that positive-impact / negative impact dilemma may be the best argument anyone can make for working with a professional, skilled Branding & Design firm.


stationery designStationery Design

Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes

With every letter, formal note and business card circulated, Stationery becomes a very visible and important ingredient in a company’s overall Marketing & Communications effort. Because of that visibility, stationery can make a positive or negative impression, or be so neutral that it makes no impression — which, in itself, would be negative. We are very concerned about that, especially when your stationery provides the ‘First Impression’ your prospects will encounter. Whenever you introduce your company or its products or services to someone new through formal, written communication or with something as familiar and seemingly simple as a business card, you owe it to yourself to have a dynamic stationery package leading the way.

Of course, stationery design — including typography, layout, color or colors of ink, and even the choice of paper — can be sophisticated and formal, light and whimsical, or any combination in between. The challenge is to find the most appropriate look and feel for your company. All of the variables involved can have very real impact on the impression the stationery makes, and that can have an even greater impact on the impression your company makes.


brochure design

Brochure & Catalog Design

Print Ready Brochures, Catalogs, Flyers

Brochures, Catalogs and Flyers, very familiar Marketing & Communications tools, are often used to present general information about a company or product, or to focus specifically on the company or products “benefits and features”. As versatile tools, these can be used as a “Door-Opener” or as a “Leave-Behind Piece”. They can be used for Direct Mail campaigns, whether designed as a “self-mailer” or as a folder stuffed and mailed in an envelope. They can be used for support during a sales call, handed out at Trade Shows or displayed at a store and offered to customers, clients and prospects who ask. There are several ‘traditional’ brochure formats and an unlimited number of variations and creative possibilities. Regardless of the size or shape, graphic design plays a critical role in the success of every brochure. A strong, clean, fresh, dynamic design will ‘engage people and draw them closer’, while a poor, weak, ‘heavy’ design may alienate people to the point where they turn away — from the company or its products and services!

At KAL STUDIOS, our brochure designs not only attract and engage people, they also communicate effectively and strongly. And they convey or reinforce the sponsoring company’s identify, image, sense of quality and other important, intangible considerations. To achieve that, our Design Team may incorporate the work of skilled, talented concept pros, copy writers, inspired photographers or other creative professionals.